Rally & Baja Races

4-wheel-racingWhen you hear of rallying you think of people climbing rocks at a turtles pace or people digging through ruts full of mud, but in reality off road racing comes in all various shapes. There is a race for any amateur or professional to get involved in. However, be aware that off-road racing causes extreme amounts of concentration and driving skills as the driver has to deal with obstacles, road conditions, and weather conditions that the a regular road racer may never have to concern themselves with. If you are willing to take the plunge, then there is no doubt you will have loads of fun wether just viewing or driving in these races.

  • SCORE International BAJA races- Since 1967 the Baja series of races have shown the most prestigious off-road racers that the world has to offer. This famous series of races takes place in Ensenada, Mexico in the state of Baja California. While these events host professionals these races are available for anyone to race. You can race dirt bikes, ATV’s, trophy trucks, or automobiles. These races are separated into the San Felipe 250, the Baja 400, 500, and 1000. All off-road-racesraces are a single loop race and the number corresponds approximately to how long the race is. However, the Baja 1000 can be a straight line race from Ensenada to La Paz if you desire. For anyone who wants not only to meet and watch the greatest in the racing game but also potentially race your vehicle there yourself this is the place to go. Events are held between April through November so if you want to go you better schedule early so nothing ruins your once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Rally Racing- For those of you who can’t wait to race in the Baja races or want to start of smaller don’t be dismayed! There are many other opportunities through the various rally organizations throughout the United States and Canada. The professional organizations include the World Rally Championship (WRC) and Rally America although there are certainly others. They focus on car racing and offer exciting up close views that you can’t get at any other racing event. WRC is apart of the infamous Group B racing, a group in the 1980s that was so insane that it had to be shut down to do multiple crashes, driver and spectator deaths. For those4x4-racing of you who would rather race their cars than watch people race there are plenty of racing schools and amateur events to learn the art of rally racing. You can go to a rally school at the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire to learn on their cars. Then you can race with either the SCCA or NASA rally sport. Either one will give you a great start to your rally pastime so you can experience some of what it’s like to be a race car driver.

There are so many races when it comes to the four wheeling world as well as plenty of fun and exhilarating events to enjoy just being a spectator at. Check out the  local events hosted in your area and join the four wheeling racing world.