Best Off-Roading Trails In The Winter

If you are an off-roading enthusiast like myself, you probably love the change of seasons and what it means for off-roading trails! There is just something about seeing beautiful 4 wheeling terrain covered in snow, offering a new adventure to be had. Most of us tend to visit our favorite trails in the winter because 1. We know them well and probably feel comfortable with winter conditions and 2. Because the trails are probably closer to home. But what about the best of the best when it comes to winter off-roading trails? Well, we have compiled a list of some of the best off-roading spots during the winter season!

Best Off-Roading Winter Terrain

Lake Tahoe, California 

Besides the fact that you have access to the Rubicon Trail, which is one of the most challenging off-roading trails in the U.S., you will also see one of the heaviest snowfalls. While this can make conditions a little treacherous in the winter, the adventure to be had and sights to be seen will make it all worth it. In all seriousness, this might be an adventure for the advanced off-roaders out there.

St. George, Utah 

Utah seems to have a lot of the best stuff when it comes to winter sports. In St. George, you will find The Mojave National Reserve which offers over 140 miles of snowcovered mountain roads. Lower regions may not have quite as much snow, but either way, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air. 

Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

This mountain range is sisters with the Great Rockies. Boasting over a thousand off-roading trails and numerous campsites for the avid off-roader it is a winter wonderland worth exploring! With lots of snowfall, the area is also packed with cross-country skiers and snowmobiling enthusiasts. Lots of wildlife can be seen and views beyond breathtaking.

Wasilla, Alaska

The great thing about off-roading here is that you are close enough to the city of Anchorage where everything is going on, yet out far enough you can enjoy the wilderness around you. It is also home to the Iditarod champions so you just might see dogs running the trails or even the starting point of the Great Race!

There are numerous off-roading trails that can be explored in the winter. Before choosing which trail you would like to adventure to, make sure that your choices are within your skill level. While it’s always great to grow your off-roading skills, during the winter with a lot of snow & ice it is better to stick with what you know and feel comfortable with.