Best 4×4 Trails To Be Explored

There is often few better things in life than getting into your custom built 4×4 vehicle and setting 4x4-trailsout to travel some awesome 4×4 terrain.  Whether it’s just a day trip or a trip worthy of a few days the adventure and beauty that can be found are hard to beat! Looking to plan one of these peic four-wheeling trips in the near future? Check out our list of some of the best terrain to visit, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Best 4×4 Terrain

  • Mojave Rd, Arizona/California- This 140 mile trail starts in Bullhead City, Az and finishes in Newberry Springs, California. Those traveling can usually plan for a 2-3 day trip chalk full of historical landmarks and a lot of desert terrain. Expect to see landmarks such as the Colorado River, Joshua Tree Forest, Rock Springs, Soda Lake and Government Monument. Definitely terrain worth exploring!
  • Alpine Loop, Colorado- This 63 mile trail can be found about 5 hours Southwest of Denver. It passes through the San Juan Mountains and has some of the most beautiful vistas and scenery out there on 4×4 terrain. The trail boasts 12,000 ft passes & 7 ghost towns. During the winter months many portions of the trail are closed for safety measures so be sure to take that into account should you be planning a trip!
  • Dalton Highway, Alaska- This is one of the more rugged and daunting 4×4 trails to be traveled.  It runs 414 miles from Yukon River to Purdhoe Bay and is full of grizzly bears and a lot of rocky terrain.  It is suggested should you decide to explore this trail that you are well stocked with supplies like food, extra fuel, good tires, and a CB radio.  You can tune the radio to channel 19 where you will be on the same frequency as Dalton truckers. This trail is suggested for those that are self sustaining and a bit more experienced when it comes to 4×4 terrain.
  • Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho/MontanaSteep and winding this 117 mile trail is pften prone to snow storms at any time. It begins in Elk City, Idaho and finishes in Darby, Montana. It takes about 2 days, however, many are often hesitant to travel the trail because of the gruesome story behind it’s name. In 1863 Lloyd Magruder and his traveling party were found murdered along the trail! If you can get past that bit of creepiness it is a breathtaking trail to be explored.
  • White-Rim-Trail-UtahWhite Rim Trail, Utah- This AMAZING trail can be found in Canyonlands National Park and is 100 miles long.  It generally takes about 2 days to travel and is full of beautiful sites to me seen. Think buttes, vistas, towers, sandstone arches and Indian ruins along with the Green and Colorado rivers!

There are so many different 4×4 terrains to explore throughout the U.S., all holding an abundace of beauty and adventure!  These are some of our favorites, however should you be planning a 4×4 trip explore all of the mazing trails out there and enjoy yourself!  Always air on the side of precaution and safety and make sure you set out fully equipped with supplies and some knowledge of the trail and what to expect!


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